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Неделя в Панаме

  • ФОТО

Индивидуальное знакомство с природой, культурой и пляжами Панамы (англоговорящий гид)


48 867 грн. (1 790 USD)


МАРШРУТ: Бокас дель Торо — Панама сити — Острова Сан Блас


Выезд: по запросу, индивидуально


ТИП ТУРА: индивидуальный

- понежиться на пляжах Карибского региона

- познакомиться с настоящими индейцами

- сделать покупки в зоне беспошлинной торговли


- морепродукты все видов и размеров

- кокосовое молоко


- изделия индейских ткачей

- яркие маски и поделки из дерева и кокоса

День 1
Панама сити

Arrival at Tocumen International Airport and transfer to TRYP Wyndham 4* or similar, breakfast included. 

День 2
Панамский канал

We start with a visit to the Miraflores Locks where you will appreciate the amazing sight of the handling of ships crossing the Panama Canal. Then, sightseeing of the former Albrook Fortress, Balboa and Causeway; currently the most developed area. Then, Sightseeing of the old city, Bella Vista commercial area, located in the banks sector of the city and Punta Paitilla, a developing area. In the afternoon (4:00 pm), flight to Bocas Del Toro. Upon arrival, check-in at Grand Bahía Hotel or similar 4*. , is an archipelago in the northeast Caribbean of Panama. The archipelago consists of ten main islands. All the islands are accessible by water taxis and private boats with the exception of Columbus Island which is also accessible by plane and ferry. It is said that Christopher Columbus came to this territory in his fourth and last voyage to America 

День 3
Морской парк Бастиментос

Today, we board a boat that will take us to Almirante Bay, often called Dolphin Bay because many bottlenose dolphins frequent this place to eat jellyfish. Then, we will continue to Coral Key, a tiny island surrounded by mangroves which is best known for its healthy coral reefs. Here we will snorkel. Following this, we visit Bastimentos Island National Park. The island is better known for its Red Frog Beach which attracts many surfers. Also, the beach is named after a small red frog from about 2 to 3 centimeters, which can be found in the surrounding vegetation. 

День 4
Бокас дель Драго - остров Старфиш

Today, we board a boat that will take us towards Bird Island. This is a nesting bird sanctuary. Then, we will continue to Bocas del Drago, surrounded by nature, beautiful beaches and coral reefs. This is home to a small Ngobe-Bugle indigenous community. At one end of this island, we will visit Starfish Beach. As its name describes it, this beach is home to many sea stars. 

День 5
Панама сити

Flight to Panama City and check-in at TRYP BY WYNHAM or similar. 

День 6
Острова Сан Блас

San Blas Islands. Flight to Playon Chico. This is one of islands that form part of the archipelago of San Blas in the Caribbean of Panama. San Blas is a conjunction of 365 islands where only 50 are inhabited. The Kunas, the second most important and large indigenous community of Panama, manage and live in this archipelago. Accommodation at Yandup lodge or similar, a typical and rustic Kuna construction. Your accommodation includes 3 daily typical meals and 2 local tours to the nearby islands. 

День 7
Острова Сан Блас

Free time.

День 8
Панама сити - вылет домой

Departure. Flight to Panama City and transfer to Tocumen International Airport to take flight to your country.



Стоимость приведена на человека, проживающего в двухместном номере. Все оплаты производятся в гривне по коммерческому курсу АВТТ.


Стоимость тура включает:
  • питание - завтраки
  • питание - по программе
  • транспортное обслуживание
  • услуги англоговорящего гида
  • экскурсии по программе
  • проживание в отеле 3*, 1/2 дабл
  • В стоимость тура не входит:
    • международный авиаперелет
    • внутренний авиаперелет
    • медицинская страховка
    • чаевые и личные расходы
    • сборы аэропортов
    • доплата за одноместное размещение
    • -Transfer in Bocas: airport-hotel-airport
    • -Local tax in San Blas: $12.00 US per person